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Tim Schikora

Managing Partner

Head of Innovation Services


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Daniel M. Richter

Managing Partner

Head of Culture Services


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Innovation Services

We are building cash cow products for you

Building great products is all about iterating your way to product-market fit. If you want them to grow into a natural monopoly in your market, you cannot look to your competitors, but to the next big curve for your customers. We call this disruptive innovation.


How does it work?

We are your company's new innvovation team, just for products that will hit big. We deal with the projects, that are too risky for your own development team, the products that still have an uncertain market. We research, test, iterate, develop, and bring your product to market. We can even help you finance the project in- or outside your company, if necessary. Basically like your own start-up, just better.

Which expertise do we use?

There are many methods we make use of. Here are a few that might be essential for you:

  • Hypothesis-driven Innovation (based on Lean Startup)
  • Product Management
  • Business Model Innovation
  • (Service) Design Thinking
  • User Experience Design
  • Software Development
  • Hardware Engineering (electrical and mechanical)

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Culture Service


We build your innovative corporate culture

An innovative company needs open-minded and satisfied employees. But what we experience all the time: Companies have a big shortage in skills. Employees are not satisfied with the tasks and goals they have. But is this the real problem? Aren’t we afraid to change our corporate culture, the processes and our organization?

How do we work?

We analyze your corporate culture. We define a way how to transform your corporate culture into an agile and more successful one together with your employees. We enable your employees to break up to used patterns of thining. The people within your company will work like in a start-up, like Intrapreneurs.

Which expertise do we use?

There are many methods we make use of, here are a few that might be essential for you:

  • HR Innovation Canvas
  • Jams (= Workshops, where doing not talking is the key to success) to enable people in:
    • Business Model Innovation
    • Customer Journey
    • Open Innovation
    • Preto/-Prototyping
    • Entrepreneurial thinking
    • Data-based and hypothesis-driven HR
    • Setting up an innovation engine instead of a performance engine in your company

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Canvanizer 2.0

Have you ever used the Business Model Canvas? Canvanizer enables you to work with the Business Model Canvas and many other canvases online and together with anyone in the world. No matter where they are.

So far Canvanizer has grown into a worldwide community of innovators, product managers and entrepreneurs that aim to develop great experiences for their customers or, in the case of many NGOs, people in need.

Now we are starting a new chapter with Canvanizer.

Canvanizer 2.0